Geek GadgetsPrime members enjoy Cost-free Two-Day Shipping and exclusive access to music, motion pictures, Television shows, and Kindle books. When a person hears geek they feel a person like a nerd, only cool, for the reason that geeks are intelligent (but not as intellectual as a nerd) and care extra about having fun, socializing and the new technologies the nerds made yesterday than we do about essentially assisting to make that technology for other individuals.

These are extremely popular gadget gifts among females in distinct mothers, newly weds and grandmothers where they can proudly display photos of kids, wedding images and so on….The introduction of digital photo frames into the marketplace have transformed our lives to the extent that we no longer have our treasured memories hidden away in the closet.

A nerd would be capable to inform you what each book in the planet says but may possibly not be able to apply it, or inform a medical professional the technical process to adhere to in a heart transplant but they may not be in a position to do it. A geek would be capable to as nicely but a geek would want to learn how to do it. Nerds want to know points geeks want to know and do issues.

Not to be offensive but to me nerds are those irritating folks that study genuinely challenging before a test and get an A plus but neglect it all tomorrow trigger now they do not require it. A geek is (arguably the more irritating person) the kid who slacks off listens to the teacher asks inquiries and hasn’t study a day in his life but nevertheless gets a B at least.

Geek two Geek caters to geeks and nerds seeking for both casual and serious relationships, but like Nerd Passions, the web site does not have a large member base, so that, in addition to the membership price, is the greatest disadvantage.