Get the Most out of Your Technology with the Latest Advances

Get the Most out of Your Technology with the Latest Advances

We often look at technology as a means to an end. And this is especially true for anyone who’s shifted their interest in technology into a career. But it’s often a good idea to take a step back every now and then. To give oneself a chance to really survey the digital landscape and see what the latest changes and trends are. 

Get the Most out of Your Technology with the Latest Advances

We’ll often find out that many of our preconceptions need to change. Likewise, we might find out that some of our current interests can be taken in new directions thanks to discoveries in related fields. For example, consider single-board computers. Single board computers have come a very long way over the past few years. The first iterations of the modern era were little more than toys. Today, news stories can’t stop marveling over the fact that they’re nearing parity with desktop systems in many ways. But one of the best and worst things about single board computers is lack of native display systems. 

It’s a disadvantage in the sense that one needs to add these in before most projects will reach a usable state. But the big advantage is that the devices are decoupled from outdated technology if the world pushes forward. And that has been the case with displays. Most personal projects struggle to keep up with advances in this field for a number of reasons. But one of the largest comes down to why lack of a display can be rough on single board computers. It’s difficult when you don’t have a display on a SBC. But if one does have a built in display than you’re instantly limited to it. 

To be sure, in theory one can just decouple an existing display to upgrade to the latest and greatest. But for anything where space is a premium it’s usually not viable. Transitioning between an old and new display in those instances will often cost more than the initial purchase of the SBC. But when one starts out without any display than the sky’s the limit. 

Today, the best option is a Flexible LED Display. A flexible display is a fantastic match for SBC systems. One of the biggest reasons comes down to size. A larger LED display pairs perfectly with compact form factors for the main computing component.

The reason why it works so perfectly comes down to size. A single board computer is usually about half the size of one’s hand. This is already much smaller than today’s average portable display. But this can be taken even further with flexible or even foldable LED systems. It’s true that most systems are about the size as half of one’s hand. But there are many which are sized closer to the length and width of two fingers.

This essentially means that the display can flex, or even wrap, around the computing components. The overall utility there should be self evident when one really considers it. The ease of portability and quite literal flexibility can match itself with a wide variety of projects.